The sunset of 3DS 1.0.2 is upon us.

The time to act is now.

It is important to upgrade to EMV® 3-D Secure to ensure your transactions continue
to process.

When the sunset occurs this October, the Directory Server will no longer be able to support 3DS 1.0. Cardinal will sunset 3DS 1.0 and all its features (except in countries with network extensions).

We have all the information you need below for a successful sunset. Contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] to upgrade now, or if you have questions. We want to ensure that you are prepped and ready - and help you have a smooth transition so that your transactions are not affected.

The Time is Now

Facts, network dates, extensions, and all you need to know for a successful sunset

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New Merchant Portal Set Up Procedures

Set up your access to the New Merchant Portal here!

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The Sunset of 3DS 1.0

Upgrade to EMV® 3-D Secure to benefit your business

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The Sunset of 3DS 1.0

Timelines and extensions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the sunset of 3DS 1.0

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Preventing EMV® 3DS to 3DS 1.0.2 Downgrades

Downgrade types, reasons, and mitigation plans

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Payments glossary

eCommerce concepts defined: an A‑Z reference guide for industry terms.

Industry benchmarks

Learn how 3‑D Secure can lead to higher authorization rates and help remove fraud. Download these free industry benchmark studies to see how 3‑D Secure impacts different verticals.


Our consumer authentication experts offer answers to our users' most Frequently Asked Questions.

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