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SSL Certification badge_CardinalCommerceIn today’s world, you won’t find an eCommerce site that doesn’t encrypt its shoppers’ transactions. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protects your customers from hackers and unwarranted information storing. How do you tell if your business is using SSL? Do a test run: If you see ‘https’ in the URL bar during checkout on your site, you’re protecting your transactions. 

But, that’s just the beginning. For your customers to trust you, they need to hear from you.

While the image may not go along with your website’s carefully maintained aesthetic, displaying your SSL provider’s badge on your website can make your customers feel safe and secure during their entire purchasing experience. 

To take full advantage of your SSL, find out what company you use as an SSL provider and stick their badge on your site. Because they want the publicity, SSL providers make it very easy for their clients to use a website badge. 


If you are just starting out as a business owner and your eCommerce site needs an SSL provider, you may be wondering which one to choose. While there are many SSL providers available, there is a reason why we see the same badges over and over on the websites of the online shops we frequent. They work, people trust them and buyers look for them. Here are the most commonly used badges trusted by businesses and buyers alike:

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