Encryption for Startups

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A lock over encrypted text_CardinalCommerceEncryption is an important way you, as a business owner, can secure your online data. It requires a password to ‘unlock’ a file in order to read its contents. For an eCommerce site, this protection is vital. It’s no surprise, then, that smart entrepreneurs and small business owners who have online commerce sites look for the latest and greatest encryption software for their startups. We’ve put together a list of some encryption services out there for you to choose from: 

Folder Lock: While it’s one of the priciest options, it shares the same algorithm used by many government agencies. It offers relied-upon safety and security, and extra features like file shredding, as well as its apparent ‘stealth mode.’ 

Secure IT: Touted as the easiest encryption program to use, this data encryption software is one anyone can access, as it doesn’t require a tech wiz to set it up. This is a great option for business owners new to eCommerce, no matter what your level of encryption understanding is. One benefit of using Secure IT is that it compresses your files, saving you space. 

Kruptos 2 Pro: This is another great option to keep your files and data safe from thieves and hackers. It offers extras like file name changing as well as file shredding. It also has a great help guide that makes itself known right from the beginning, so you never feel lost or like you are on your own.


While these are some of the industry leaders, there are many other choices for encryption software available. How do you choose the one that is right for you? We suggest gauging a few things:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Version compatibility
  • The accessibility of the help and support desk

Whether you need light protection, or a real steel vault, by keeping the factors above in mind, you will find the right encryption software for your startup.

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