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Ready or Not: Important Dates for 3-D Secure

With the constant changes in the digital space, merchants and issuers have a lot to keep up with. In our next webinar, we’re sharing important dates and deadlines you’ll need.

This webinar covers:

  • Important dates for EMV® 3-D Secure
  • What these mandates and requirements mean to merchants and issuers
  • Advantages and opportunities EMV 3DS provides as an authentication solution

Solution Design and Implementation Considerations for 3-D Secure

There’s a lot to uncover when it comes to implementing 3-D Secure. Join our experts as they discuss EMV® 3-D Secure’s improved solution design, requirements for implementation, timeframes and networks dates, and answer your questions about implementation.

This webinar replay covers:

  • The history, opportunity and benefits that EMV 3DS has on the digital payments industry

  • Important considerations to think about before implementing 3DS

  • Recommendations of transitioning to the new specification and what to look for in an authentication provider

  • Network activation dates for EMV 3DS



Get Your Shopping Cart Ready for PSD2 SCA

As of September 2019, the PSD2 SCA regulation adopted by the EEA has gone into effect. Now more than ever, merchants need to keep up with the market demands to successfully do business. Learn how to protect your shopping cart and comply with PSD2 SCA with Cardinal.



An Inside Look at Industry Performance Using 3DS

We take a closer look at KPIs and stats from different industries in the card-not-present market including – authorization rates, fraud rates, and the overall impact 3-D Secure has on authorization. How will your industry measure up?

In this replay, we cover:

  • How 3-D Secure can lead to higher authorization rates and help remove fraud across verticals.

  • The value that 3-D Secure delivers to merchants in the digital space.

  • How supporting 3-D Secure as an authentication solution benefits merchants and leads to better risk decisions.




'Tis the Season for PSD2 SCA - Get Ready for Holiday 2019

The holiday season is coming soon, and for 2019, it will be the first one that deals with PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication in Europe. In this webinar, we discuss the recent rollout of PSD2 SCA, EBA news about delays and extensions, and what you'll need to do to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

In this webinar we’ll be covering:

  • What merchants should be thinking about for Holiday 2019

  • How to implement 3DS in time for the holidays

  • What it means to be SCA-ready and how 3DS can help solve for SCA

  • An update on the latest news regarding deadlines on PSD2 SCA




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