Highlights from our recent webinar “Truths and Myths - Debunking the Myths of PSD2 SCA”

Did you know that you could see an approximate 5 percentage point increase between fully authenticated transactions and transactions that are non-authenticated?  In Cardinal’s May webinar, “Debunking the Myths of PSD2 SCA,” we learned that and much more useful information. We gained fresh insights into PSD2 SCA and debunked myths floating around the payments ecosystem.

Cardinal’s own Head of Sales Enablement & Business Development, Paul Harrison, hosted the webinar. Caroline Drolet, Head of SCA Optimization, Visa Europe, and Caroline Birchinall, Head of Authentication, Visa Europe, were guest speakers who simplified sometimes difficult to understand concepts and shared their in-depth knowledge.

Here are some highlights. Did you know …

  • As a merchant, you should have a really good, qualified 3DS provider that takes the work out of EMV® 3-D Secure for you, and can route your transactions to the appropriate version of 3DS? Here at Cardinal, we call this “protocol routing.” We take the worry out of it, so you get the best possible outcome. In an upcoming blog, we’ll introduce you to 3DS replay - and how it can help maximize approvals when issuers are not using EMV 3DS.

  • You should send your transactions down the 3DS rails the issuer is using because approval rates are important – and issuers are happier and much more likely to approve if they can authenticate. So, find a 3DS provider that can handle that for you.

  • EMV 3-D Secure is a conversion optimizer and can help increase authorization rates. According to our Visa Europe guest speakers, in Europe, fully authenticated transactions have an approximate 95% approval rate vs. 90% for non-authenticated. Think about 5%. That’s a lot of potential revenue when you consider how much your annual sales are. And don’t forget, using EMV 3DS provides liability protection, so that’s an additional benefit.

  • If you would like to use exemptions, you need to keep your fraud rate low. You can minimize the chance of challenge and friction and maximize the ability to use exemptions by doing a few things as well:

    • Use dispute tools.

    • Properly flag out of scope transactions so they can be recognized, and so issuers do not ask for SCA.

    • Use risk scoring tools.

  • A challenge is not always a bad thing. In certain cases, a challenge can save a transaction. The issuer may have info or see things you don’t see – and if a transaction is risky and goes through EMV 3DS, you’ll get liability protection and safeguard your important fraud and authorization approval rates.

These are just a few of the highlights of our recent webinar “Debunking the Myths of PSD2 SCA.” For more tips like these, check it out here.  And take a look at all our recent webinars. Our goal is to give you all the information we can to help you succeed in these ever-changing times. If you want to learn more about anything you heard on our webinars, what you’ve read here, or just have questions, let’s talk. Reach out any time, we are here to help.


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