St. Martin de Porres: Helping high school students learn in the classroom and the workplace

For the fourth year, Cardinal was excited to welcome students from St. Martin de Porres High School in Cleveland to participate in their corporate work study program. St. Martin de Porres High School is a Catholic college-preparatory high school that combines innovative academics with a unique program that prepares students of limited economic means to become well prepared for success in college, their careers and life. The goal is for each student to learn important life skills such as persistence, critical thinking and responsibility as well as build professional relationships. The students are exposed to different industries and businesses, which will help them decide what to study in college and shape their future career paths. This year our program ended mid-March to ensure everyone’s safety, but we feel confident the students still received the most out of their time with us!

Cardinal takes four students each year, one from each high school grade level: 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. This year we had three returning students, which is the first time ever that everyone (except for the previous year’s senior) returned. (VERY proud!) Our St. Martin de Porres students were: Jimmy Malave (9th grade), Ta'Niya Johnson (10th grade), Kamilla Gray (11th grade), and Patricia Simmons (12th grade).

St Martin de Porres 2020 Students

The students assist in all areas, starting at the front desk answering phones and greeting visitors all the way to HR, marketing, finance, and operations! We want the students to get the best possible experience to take back with them to prepare them for the future!

Crystal Leidy, Cardinal’s office manager, says it best: “This program has been great. I regularly attend supervisor workshops at the school and the students have extensive training at the school before they are introduced to the work force. The students have the option of returning to their previous worksite so long as the employer also wishes to have them return. I am thankful that we have had multiple returning students over the years. I enjoy getting to know the students. Each year the student returns, their experiences increase as I can push them to learn even more and encourage them to work for other departments in the office to greater their career development.” A perfect example of this was one of our returning students expressed an interest in marketing this year. She learned some of what marketing does using a marketing automation tool. She earned a certificate in social media management and may just be on her way to her future career.

We at Cardinal are so grateful for our students from St. Martin de Porres! We wish them so much continued success for what we know is a bright and successful future! Congratulations Jimmy, Ta'Niya, Kamilla, and Patricia on a job well done!