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Using our Authentication First approach, merchants and issuers share more data for better risk results and more good orders.

Cardinal focuses solely on authentication. It's what we do.

We focus, we innovate, and we deliver.

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Merchant-Issuer Ecosystem

Cardinal enables authentication for both merchants and issuers, to drive fraud out of the ecosystem.

We focus on authentication and authentication alone. We innovate with industry-leading solutions, and we deliver our technology through integration options tailored to our customers' needs.

The Cardinal Authentication Network

The Power of Data. The powerful combination of Cardinal's global issuer reach, and thousands of merchants authenticating digital transactions, equals millions of transactions going through Cardinal daily for better risk decisions.

Better Data. Better Results. Cardinal helps both merchants and issuers make the best use of data for: more good orders, fewer false declines, less fraud, and a better consumer experience.

Everybody Wins. The Cardinal Authentication Network creates a win-win situation; merchants can accept more good orders, issuers can authorize more transactions, and consumers can buy what they want, when they want, from the merchants they choose.

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The Power of Visa

Cardinal became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa in 2017.

Incorporating Visa's global leadership in digital payments with Cardinal's authentication products enables issuers and merchants to drive fraud out of the digital ecosystem, increase authorizations, and deliver a consumer-friendly checkout experience.

Global mandates, requirements, and laws keeping you up at night?

Don't worry, we keep track of these so you don't have to.

Do you do business in a 3-D Secure mandated country?

3-D Secure is mandated in many countries around the world, including Brazil (for debit cards), Canada (for debit cards), Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Time is running out for the PSD2-SCA deadline. Are you ready?

Strong Consumer Authentication is mandated in the European Economic Area (EEA). Make sure that you are PSD2-SCA compliant in time.  The deadline is September 2019.

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Do you have questions about other global authentication mandates?

Countries like South Africa and India mandate 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). China, Japan, and Korea have additional mandates. 3-D Secure fulfills these mandates.

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