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Will your business be able to accept electronic payments after September 2019?

PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication requirement goes into effect 14 September 2019, less than one year from now.

All digital transactions will require 2-Factor Authentication under the new PSD2 regulations.

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Will you be ready for the SCA mandate?

SCA will require a 2-Factor Authentication method for online transactions

What is SCA?

In most European countries, starting 14 September 2019, an SCA solution will be required for all digital transactions, as part of PSD2. All card issuers and merchants/acquirers must support an SCA solution, which requires two of the three types of identification listed below.




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Can you take advantage of exemptions?

SCA Exemptions

Exemptions have been created to allow for the development of user-friendly and low-risk payment services. Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) manages SCA exemptions. Our proprietary rules engine handles the heavy lifting of SCA exemptions for you.


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Which countries will require SCA?

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If your online store is based in and sells to consumers in the European Economic Area (EEA), you should be preparing for the SCA requirement of PSD2, which goes into effect September 2019.



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We are ready for PSD2-SCA!

Cardinal has been working hard to make sure that we stay up to date on all PSD2-SCA mandates. We are here to help YOU!

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