Cardinal Consumer Authentication

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False Decline Bubble Stats

Everyone in our industry is always talking about fraud, but the bigger opportunity lies with false declines.

Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) provides merchants more flexibility and security during the authentication process. We use transformational data to improve any consumer’s online experience, all while helping to reduce the risk of fraud and false declines.

An authentication solution optimized for the future

Meet the Cardinal Authentication Network, optimizing global authentication for digital commerce – tens of thousands of merchants and thousands of issuers processing billions of transactions a year. Making authentication fast and efficient is our secret sauce.

The Cardinal Authentication Network
Balance approvals while lowering fraud

We're all about balance

With Cardinal Consumer Authentication’s data-rich approach, merchants can reduce their fraud and false decline numbers without sacrificing the consumer experience. Even better, consumers can buy without unnecessary checkout friction. CCA helps your business strike the right balance.

Everybody wins.

Why Cardinal Consumer Authentication?

Better Results with Enhanced Data

With access to over a hundred extra data points, merchants can achieve better authentication results. 

Rules-Based and Customizable

With the ability to craft rules, CCA provides greater protection for merchants and gives them the power to change with the payments landscape.

Enables a More Efficient Consumer Experience

The inclusion of more enhanced data gives issuers a leg up when they're making risk decisions, resulting in happier consumers.

How Cardinal Consumer Authentication works

How Cardinal Consumer Authentication works

The data backs it up

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We analyzed select industry verticals to share stats about the card-not-present market, authorization and fraud rates, and the impact of authentication using Cardinal.

Compare these industry rates to your own stats and see how you're doing compared to others in your space.

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