Authentication First

Cardinal's unique approach with the Cardinal Authentication Network helps issuers and merchants use enriched data to make smarter risk decisions for their digital transactions.

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For Merchants

How Cardinal's 3-D Secure Authentication Works

Cardinal Consumer Authentication Flow

Authentication is how the card issuer validates that cardholders are who they say they are

Issuers need data about the transaction and the consumer to authenticate that the transaction is not fraudulent.

Authentication happens before authorization

Cardinal enables the issuer to communicate with their cardholder during a transaction with a digital merchant, so the resulting authentication data can help issuers with authorization decisions.

Authentication with Cardinal happens nearly instantaneously

When issuers and merchants both use Cardinal, authentication time can be reduced from more than 10 seconds to less than a second.

Using authentication gives issuers more confidence in the transaction

When an issuer knows that a transaction has been successfully authenticated, there is minimal risk for fraud.

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Cardinal’s authentication products can help merchants and issuers prepare for upcoming changes like EMV® 3-D Secure and stay on top of mandates and regulations like PSD2’s requirement for Strong Customer Authentication in Europe. If you are impacted by any of these changes, talk to Cardinal.