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WooCommerce Color LogoWooCommerce, the leading online shopping cart, is universally used by WordPress users and eCommerce merchants from every corner of the internet. WooCommerce gives business owners and entrepreneurs the tools to create an appealing online store. The WooCommerce platform works well as a pure shopping cart, but when linked to WordPress, it can create seamless, content-driven sales. Additionally, since there are various extensions and add-ons available, users can customize their store, and can optimize it over time. WooCommerce is also built for the current digital commerce landscape, and the future, as it can make your site visually appealing on mobile devices. For any business owner, this is vital, and it can have a profound effect on your bottom line. Also, to enable efficient payments, WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with several different payment gateways.

How Cardinal Consumer Authentication helps WooCommerce

  • Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) is a rules-based authentication solution that gives merchants the ability to create customized, adjustable rules, from hundreds of different, enhanced data fields, that will determine whether a transaction is being conducted by a legitimate consumer or a fraudster. By leveraging the 3-D Secure protocols, CCA can help merchants increase sales, improve margins and enhance the consumer experience.
  • Watch a video on Cardinal Consumer Authentication and how it works.

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Enable safe and efficient payments with our plugin, CardinalCommerce OneConnect

  • Cardinal’s OneConnect is a universal shopping cart module that can enable safe, efficient payments. For any merchant, when OneConnect is implemented, different payment gateways can be used, including, but not limited to Authorize.net, CyberSource and FirstData, to accept credit and debit cards on your online store. Additionally, merchants who implement OneConnect will have access to the same benefits as someone using Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA). These benefits include the ability to leverage the 3-D Secure protocols to improve fraud detection and order acceptance, possible interchange savings and the ability to block fraudulent chargebacks on authenticated transactions, among other things.

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