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Visa to Acquire Payment Authenticator

Visa to acquire payment authenticator, CardinalCommerce, to drive digital commerce. Read all about it! 

Visa to pick up CardinalCommerce

Visa to pick up CardinalCommerce to accelerate digital commerce. Read all about the latest in the payments news! 

News from Digital Transactions

Visa to buy CardinalCommerce to strengthen online payment security. Read more about the acquisition

American Express Adds Mobile Authentication with InAuth

American Express adds mobile-specific authentication capabilities with InAuth pick-up. Learn More about Mobile! 

CardinalCommerce of Mentor to be acquired by Visa

CardinalCommerce, a fast-growing Mentor company that provides eCommerce payment authentication, has agreed to be acquired by one of the giants of global finance: Visa. Read all about it! 

Visa acquires CardinalCommerce to secure and push digital commerce

Visa has announced an agreement to acquire CardinalCommerce, a company that specializes in e-commerce payment authentication, Find out More

Visa to Acquire Mentor based CardinalCommerce

Visa announced an agreement to acquire Mentor-based Cardinal Commerce, a company that makes software for secured online purchases. Read More

Visa will Buy CardinalCommerce to boost its online fraud prevention services

Payment card company Visa, said today it will buy payment service provider CardinalCommerce for its services that will help thwart fraudulent online transactions. Learn More!

Visa Acquires CardinalCommerce for digital authentication boost

Visa has reached an agreement to acquire payments authentication firm CardinalCommerce to extend its digital commerce offerings. The move is part of a drive by the payments giant to keep tabs on e-commerce fraud. Learn more