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Where Merchants Remain Divided on the new 3DS

It's well accepted that the earliest version of 3-D Secure was off-putting to merchants and consumers who didn't like how it added friction to the checkout process in the interest of online security. The new version of 3-D Secure wants to avoid the same pitfall, and merchants are cautiously optimistic. Find out the latest in an annual Consumer Authentication Survey. Read More! 

The Paypers are Interested in the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results

Find out the latest in eCommerce, and digital payments. The Paypers shared the results of the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results. Read More 

Consumer Authentication Survey Results from Biometrics Update

Find out what respondents said in the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results. Learn More

Consumer Authentication Survey Results From Digital Transactions

Check out the results of the 4th annual Consumer Authentication Survey. Digital Transactions has all the latest. Read all About it 

Payment Week Published The Consumer Authentication Survey Results

The results are in from the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results. Payment Week has all the latest. Learn More 

Credit Card Thieves Move Online

As the chip cards are protecting point-of sale transactions, fraudsters are moving to the online space. Learn more

Visa Ups the Ante for Payments with CardinalCommerce

Visa and Cardinal team up to secure the future of payments. Find out More! 

Episode 46 3DS Visa and CardinalCommerce

Listen to our leaders as they discuss the latest in the payments space including 3DS 2.0. Listen Now

Cardinal Moves to New Global Headquarters

CardinalCommerce moves to new global headquarters in Cleveland suburb, expanding operations and creating high-tech career opportunities.

Cardinal settles into new building

CardinalCommerce settles into new building in Mentor, plans to hire more staff quickly. Learn More