CardinalCommerce receives Notice of Allowance for Intelligent Directory Server Routing

Cleveland, OH - September 17, 2014 - CardinalCommerce, the pioneer and global leader in enabling digital commerce, announces that it has been granted a notice of allowance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for Intelligent Directory Server Routing. This notice is a continuation of US patent 8,321,589, which protects a broad range of services including dynamically ranking and routing requests from redundant services based on volume, latency, functionality and other criteria.

This technological development allows Cardinal’s systems to rank transaction quality, maximize through-put and increase transaction speed. With this know-how, we can monitor servers and route traffic so that our Customers’ transactions are processed in the best and most efficient manner.

“One of the many benefits Cardinal offers to our Customers is our ability to have transactions scored, decisioned and authenticated in milliseconds. With this newly deployed capability, we have transcended the industry’s capacity to handle and manage transactions even on the busiest of holiday shopping days. This gives our Merchants and Banks the advantage of advanced technology and with One Connection we can help Drive Digital Commerce,” said Cardinal’s Vice President of Technology Services, Erik Enright.

Cardinal's intellectual property portfolio includes more than 40 issued patents and approximately 100 pending patent applications.