Intellectual Property

Overview of Cardinal’s Intellectual Property & Patents

The development and evolution of our patents and intellectual property began in 1998 and continues through today. These patents reflect our longstanding perspective of how the payment, information and authentication industries have the ability to evolve and address new distribution and communication channels in a safe, secure, efficient and/or better way. We believe our technology (and hence our IP) is inherently safer, more secure, efficient and better at processing transactions, enabling payment brands/methods and protecting/handling information. We have secured patents in the United States and in several foreign jurisdictions including a software / business process method patent by the Japanese Patent Office.

Examples of in-use and potential applications of Cardinal’s patent portfolio are identified below.

In-use and potential applications of Cardinal patents

Cardinal’s Patent Strategy

We have focused on building our core, foundational patents where appropriate, into inter-linked “patent families” that provide IP protection across geographic regions and applications; creating interwoven and independent IP that spans the global financial, payment and information universe. 

Our strategy and approach (often deployed using a centralized architecture) were developed first to protect our intellectual property but perhaps even more important to provide comfort to our Customers, partners, distributors and sales representatives.  Our technology is protected with patents, trade secrets, confidentiality agreements and any other means necessary to help ensure that using Cardinal’s systems can be an intellectual property safe haven.  Many of our Customers have commented that they appreciate our IP and technology capability..

As part of our ongoing commitment to our Customers and strategic partners to safeguard their interests and operations, we continuously work with a group of professional advisors that include law firms, as well as third party IP specialists to protect, defend and expand our IP portfolio.