Sell Medical Equipment Online

Medical electrostimulation device_CardinalCommerceIf you’re a merchant considering selling medical equipment online, this page is for you. Medical equipment is a unique niche that, when done correctly, can be extremely lucrative. The options available to you as an online merchant vary greatly, but regardless if you are selling new or used equipment, wholesale or retail, the information provided below will help you navigate the road ahead.

Research the Buying Market

Providing too many types of equipment can become overwhelming for you as the seller, and for your buyers. It means more inventory to control and different types of buyers for each type of supply. The best method is to find a specific category, such as home health care, and sell only items within that category. As your business grows, this list can grow as well.

Finding a Buyer

Determining who to sell to may sound simple, but finding your buyer can be difficult for those just getting into selling medical equipment online. As the merchant, you have many options to target future customers. For example, you could be selling to doctors, patients, insurance companies, hospitals, or even other vendors. Many merchants sell to a combination of these target audiences.


Create a Website

Creating a website to showcase the medical equipment in your inventory is one of the best ways to show your buyers the quality of your products. Your website should be easy to navigate and include:

  • Easily accessible display of insurance companies with whom you work
  • Care and maintenance instructions for the specific equipment being sold
  • Quality photography from multiple angles to showcase the equipment
  • Clear pricing and full transparency on the physical condition of the product, age of the equipment and any other specifications that may impact the buyer’s decision to purchase

Networking is Key

Even if your whole business is based online, it is important to network with local hospitals, assisted living facilities, primary care practices and insurance companies. While cold-calling will sometimes garner new business, putting together a folder with a business card, website link and a list of the types of medical equipment you sell can be dropped off at physical office locations and help facilitate a face-to-face meeting. When your buyers can associate a face with your business, it may help create a sense of trust, making them more willing to buy from you.

While navigating the ups and downs that come with selling medical equipment online, always remember to remain patient. 

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