Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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Bar graph going up_CardinalCommerceOnline businesses find it helpful to track their conversion rate: the percentage of site visitors which complete an action desired by the business owner. If a company wants visitors to sign up for regular emails, download a product, register for events, or participate in a survey, it is vital that the business find a way to help those visitors “convert” by taking that action. How can you improve or optimize your current conversion rate?

Identify Clear Goals

Conversion rate optimization cannot happen unless your objectives for these conversions are clearly set. Determine large goals and also specific small actions which you believe will convert visitors. A “call to action” (CTA) is the term for the decision button — the final click to register, purchase, sign up, or complete another desired action. Do you want visitors to provide a phone number or email address? Or is the objective a social media share or an ad view? Your conversion rate optimization depends on defined goals and CTAs for your online visitors.

What Do Your Numbers Mean?

Before your conversion rate can improve, you also have to assess where you are today. Analyzing the conversion rate of each CTA is a valuable exercise. Typical conversion rates for most online actions fall in the range of 2-10%, but rates can vary significantly by industry. If the rate is lower than you expected or lower than you want, then it’s time to consider each conversion rate individually to see what’s going well and what can change and improve.


Testing the CTA

To further assess, test each CTA to identify variables and how the variables are affecting conversions. The performance of a CTA can depend on multiple factors, such as placement, color, element, accompanying copy or image. Repeated testing may demonstrate which combination leads to more conversions—more decisions, clicks, and purchases. Take a careful look at what these tests reveal: Did a change in button location affect conversion rate? How should you adjust the CTA for conversion rate optimization? Small adjustments can actually result in great change, so don’t alter too much too fast following a test. Screenshots of the various tests can also help as you track and tweak.

Brainstorming and Re-testing

Conversion rate optimization also involves the creation of additional or new ideas for improving your online site to meet your goals. Ask questions and brainstorm for answers with colleagues or your marketing team. How can a site visitor find information? Are there multiple locations on our site where visitors can submit their information to connect with our business? Are there elements of our site that are distracting or confusing, prohibiting conversions? What would help a site visitor complete this CTA? Make changes and re-test to see if the updates optimize your conversion rate.

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