The Power of Connection

As an industry, we’re all working towards one common goal: to increase approvals, decrease fraud and false declines, while creating a better consumer experience. To succeed, merchants and issuers need to work together. Issuers know a lot about their cardholders and merchants know a lot about their buyers – and when they connect to share information, that’s where the magic happens.

Join the conversation as Matt and Susan talk about the power of connection between merchants and issuers, the importance of data-sharing, and how EMV® 3-D Secure delivers more data for better payment decisioning.

At the end of the day, we all have to work together. In just a half hour, we’ll cover:
- Why false declines happen
- How merchants and issuers can work together to make better payment decisions
- The benefits of real-time data sharing with EMV 3DS
- The importance of implementing a layered approach into your fraud strategy

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