Travel Industry Message Extension

Staying ahead of the ever-changing payments landscape

Travel Industry Message Extension – Staying ahead of the ever-changing payments landscape

For over two decades, Cardinal has maintained a singular focus on creating the best authentication experience possible - becoming an industry leader through continuous innovation, service, and dependability. Cardinal is proud to be one of the first providers within the ecosystem to support EMVCo’s new Travel Industry Message Extension for merchants.

Travel Extension is another example of one of the many ways we look to continue to support our clients and continually raise the bar on authentication. Providing increased visibility to fields specific to travel, and passing that information along to the issuer, allows for a more confident authorization decision. In the end, everybody wins!

EMV® 3DS's Travel Industry Message Extension - What is it and why do I care?

- EMVCo worked with industry experts to develop a set of new fields aimed at allowing travel-related merchants to pass additional data elements for better issuer decisioning.
- These additional insights are meant to meet the specific needs of airline and travel agents - to help reduce fraud and minimize friction for their customers during their purchase experience.
- Cardinal’s merchant platform has chosen to add seven of the travel fields to the rules – which allows us to further tailor the authentication strategies of our merchant clients, giving them ability to change their authentication strategy – how and when they choose.

What fields are available?

- Traveler Name
- Traveler Type
- Agency Indicator*
- Airline Ticket Amount*
- Airline Ticket Count*
- Airline Ticket Currency
- Airline Loyalty Status
- Airline Passenger Indicator
- Airline Currency Mismatch Indicator*
- Flight Indicator*
- Flight Operating Carrier
- Flight Arrival Airport*
- Flight Arrival Date
- Flight Arrival Time
- Flight Departure Airport*
- Flight Departure Date
- Flight Departure Time

Which of these are now available to be leveraged in Cardinal’s rules engine for merchant rule writing? The fields starred above are those that can be leveraged in Cardinal’s rules engine. We chose these fields because they are ones which could make the biggest impact on your decisioning. For example – if a consumer buys a trip and they package an airline ticket, hotel, and car rental, the merchant can write a rule to challenge the cost of the airline ticket separately at a certain amount, and would not challenge the entire transaction based on the total cost.

In an age of speed and ever-changing technology, we work hard to provide a service that today’s global companies can depend on day in and day out to drive their business. We know that the travel industry is unique, and that’s why we updated our systems to support this technology.  We pride ourselves at staying at the forefront of EMV 3DS’s evolution and being an active thought leader within our industry. This is just one of the things we are doing to support our customers – and we’ll continue to do everything we can to support you and your business when you need it most.

Want more info on how EMVCo’s new Travel Industry Message Extension can help your business reduce fraud and minimize friction? Let's talk.

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