Mastercard® Identity Check™ Insights

The BIG news and why you need a data only solution now more than ever

Improved authorizations. Maximized speed. That’s what a data only solution aims to provide. As a matter of fact, it is focused on just that. It offers a solution to the need for more data in authorization. The result?  The opportunity to help increase approvals and reduce false declines, through a guaranteed frictionless experience. That is right. Guaranteed frictionless.

Mastercard’s data only solution that enables merchants to share data with issuers via the EMV® 3-D Secure rails on Mastercard transactions

Mastercard® Identity Check(TM) Insights is Mastercard’s data only solution that enables merchants to share data with issuers via the EMV® 3-D Secure rails on Mastercard transactions. It provides a frictionless experience, with reduced latency and no possibility of a cardholder challenge. That adds up to what we all hope for – a great consumer experience.

What’s been happening:

- End-to-end testing to ensure there was no negative impact on the merchants and issuers
- Testing pilots to make sure we know how this could impact markets
- Took the time to understand the marketplaces, government mandates, and EMV 3DS protocols
- Found early adoption in LAC and NA has given us enough traffic to analyze the potential impact of the solution
- Continued to see higher adoption rates and more traffic flow through the solution

Through Mastercard Identity Check Insights, early learnings from the pilot programs have shown that:

- Before using Mastercard Identity Check Insights, merchants in Brazil experienced an average approval rate of 72%. With Identity Check Insights, the average approval rate rose to 82% after adoption¹
- Results point to about a 10% lift in approval rates for the same population of merchants when using Mastercard Identity Check Insights v. when these transactions were previously treated as typical ecommerce activity¹

If all this sounds interesting to you and you are looking for an opportunity to help increase approvals, reduce fraud, and provide an engaging customer experience, let’s talk. If you don’t want friction for your customer during this all-important time when shopping online is increasing by the day – let’s talk.

¹Cardinal data 8/1/20-9/1/20

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