Brown-Yanowitz Award of Excellence

Cardinal created the Chris Brown-Bennett Yanowitz Award of Excellence in 2014 to honor the memory of two of Cardinal’s finest. Chris Brown and Bennett Yanowitz were great representatives of the people at Cardinal. They were dedicated, hardworking, and cherished by the Cardinal family. This award honors a Cardinal employee who exhibits the attributes we miss from Chris and Bennett.

Chris Brown, Cardinal’s longtime CFO, loved Cardinal. He always did things in the best interest of Cardinal, not himself. He believed in taking care of our Customers in an efficient manner, in order to take care of more Customers. He always wore the Cardinal hat, to do what was best for the company.

Bennett Yanowitz was a Cardinal enthusiast from the very beginning of the company’s existence, and was always a great teammate. He believed in our core values, the most important of which was taking care of the Customer. Mr. Yanowitz was a longtime stockholder and believed in what Cardinal does for the industry.

This award honors the memory of these two great men who are no longer with us, but their spirits and dedication will live on.


Award Criteria:

The recipient of the Brown-Yanowitz Award each year will be a Cardinal “cheerleader,” a hard worker that drives the behaviors that support Cardinal’s need to grow profitably and perform flawlessly.

Specific activities include:
  • Growing the business
  • Performing for our Customers
  • Promoting teamwork
  • Implementing process improvement

The employee’s impact should be highly innovative, sustainable and above and beyond the individual’s job function.

The 2018 Brown-Yanowitz Award of Excellence was awarded to Austin Poole. Austin will gladly take time out of his schedule to help walk through any process or question, simplifying it into a way that will help understanding - all with a smile. Prior and current business experience, coupled with his humility, has earned the respect of his peers, always trying to better himself. He is a true servant leader at Cardinal, and a continuous hard worker with dedication to support the organization and Cardinal’s customers.

Austin exemplifies the values and traits of our friends Chris Brown and Bennett Yanowitz. Pictured below: Tim Sherwin, co-founder and CEO, Austin Poole, 2018 Brown-Yanowitz Award Winner.

Austin Poole and Tim Sherwin