Cardinal's Culture

Every company has its own particular culture, and Cardinal is no exception. See how we work, how we play, and how we compete in the sections and photos below.

Why Cardinal?


Serious. Fun.

At Cardinal we work hard. We work together as a team to meet deadlines and achieve goals. And when we say "We work together," we really mean it. Everyone, at every level, rolls up their sleeves and dives in to get a project done. "Why" you might ask. Because our Customers are our #1 focus. So we are not happy until our Customers are happy.

But Cardinal isn’t all work and no play – we play hard, too. We celebrate our victories, large and small, with company meetings, parties and happy hours. We are a family that resides in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Experience for yourself the serious, and also fun side of Cardinal.

Ribbon Cutting - Cardinal Open House
2019 Summer Cardinal golf outing winners
Cardinal Shuffleboard Team
St. Martin Students last day of 2019!
Founders Chandra, Mike and Tim on the last day at our original HQ building
Eric and Rick - Christmas Party 2017
Cardinal says Go Tribe!
Cardinal Christmas Party 2015
Marketing team golf outing 2019
Cardinal Sales Meeting
Whiteboard Desk in Action
Cardinal Christmas Party 2017
Cardinal Footgolf Team
Cardinal Christmas Party 2017
Cardinal Summer Picnic 2016
KingKone 2019 Treat!
Ryan Christmas Party 2017
Cardinal Summer Picnic 2016
Cardinal Christmas Party 2015
Cardinal Christmas Party 2015
New office meeting room
Cardinal Christmas Party 2017
Cardinal Sales Meeting
Cardinal Sales Meeting
Cardinal Summer Picnic 2016
Cardinal Christmas Party 2017
Cardinal Christmas Party 2016
Cardinal xmas party
Cardinal Open House - Proclamation

Corporate Challenge

In 2018, for the first time, Cardinal participated in the Cleveland Corporate Challenge. The competition pits local businesses against each other in a friendly competition in more than a dozen athletic (and not-so-athletic) events, culminating in a winner for each division (based on company size) and a donation in the top three winning teams’ names to the charity of their choice. Cardinal came in fifth in our division, with number one finishes in 2 events, including skeeball and volleyball. We’re proud of our teams and look forward to continuing the competition and ranking higher in 2019!

Here are some photos of our competitors.

Cardinal VolleyballSkeeball championsCardinal Team

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The Cardinal Awards of Excellence

Cardinal Awards of Excellence Logo

As Cardinal continues to grow and evolve, recognizing achievements should evolve as well. That's why we have created the Cardinal Awards of Excellence. Each award category highlights what we value as a company and each award is given to an employee that showcases the best of Cardinal.

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What's Next? You!

At Cardinal we are always looking for great talent. If you are interested in joining a fast growing, fun loving, team oriented company, then you have come to the right place. Click on the Careers button below to view our job openings. If you don’t see a position that fits your skills at the moment, just drop us a line at [email protected]. You never know what the future may hold.


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