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Who is CardinalCommerce?

CardinalCommerce is a global leader in authenticating digital transactions and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa. Cardinal deepens insights with comprehensive visibility into Card-Not-Present and 3-D Secure processed transactions with intelligent data-driven tools. Partnering with Cardinal, everyone wins: the consumer can purchase, the merchant can sell and the issuing bank can collect funds, all safely and securely.

Collaborating with Cardinal provides greater insight and expertise into how authentication impacts authorization and fraud resulting in an increase in valid sales with fewer false declines at check-out. Cardinal’s technology-leading product works on behalf of both card issuers and merchants to streamline the authentication process, making authentication fast, secure and friction-free across all devices.

Why CardinalCommerce?


Industry Pioneers


"When Cardinal was started, we were one of the first companies involved in providing safe and secure eCommerce transactions. We have been recognized as authorities in the remote payments space, due to our dedicated and knowledgeable team. As a result of this, we are often invited to speak at industry events and meet and collaborate with many of our industry peers. Today, we are the leaders in protecting our Customers’ businesses. It’s a satisfying feeling. One I knew we would always achieve."

Tim Sherwin
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

"Cardinal anticipated challenges in the card-not-present industry, and built our technology with this flexibility in mind. The products and services we offer our Customers evolve with the payment industry. With the launch of EMV 3DS, the rise of tokenization and multi-factor authentication methods, our platforms are positioned to deliver the benefits of these advancements to our Customers."

Chandra Balasubramanian
Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer


Our Team

Cleveland attracts talented individuals, expanding corporations and international thought-leaders across a wide array of industries. Cleveland, Ohio is not a city of the past, but a growing metropolis of the future. We at CardinalCommerce enjoy being a part of that boom.

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