Who is CardinalCommerce?

CardinalCommerce is a global leader in authenticating digital transactions and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa. Cardinal deepens insights with comprehensive visibility into Card-Not-Present and 3-D Secure processed transactions with intelligent data-driven tools. Partnering with Cardinal, everyone wins: the consumer can purchase, the merchant can sell and the issuing bank can collect funds, all safely and securely.


Collaborating with Cardinal provides greater insight and expertise into how authentication impacts authorization and fraud resulting in an increase in valid sales with fewer false declines at check-out. Cardinal’s technology-leading product works on behalf of both card issuers and merchants to streamline the authentication process, making authentication fast, secure and friction-free across all devices.


Industry Pioneers

  • "When Cardinal was started, we were one of the first companies involved in providing safe and secure eCommerce transactions. We have been recognized as authorities in the remote payments space, due to our dedicated and knowledgeable team. As a result of this, we are often invited to speak at industry events and meet and collaborate with many of our industry peers. Today, we are the leaders in protecting our Customers’ businesses. It’s a satisfying feeling. One I knew we would always achieve."
    Tim Sherwin
    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Chandra
  • "Cardinal anticipated challenges in the card-not-present industry, and built our technology with this flexibility in mind. The products and services we offer our Customers evolve with the payment industry. With the upcoming launch of 3-D Secure, the rise of tokenization and multi-factor authentication methods, our platforms are positioned to deliver the benefits of these advancements to our Customers."
    Chandra Balasubramanian
    Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

What we do

Cardinal offers unparalleled flexibility in authentication with a configurable rules engine on our Centinel Platform. This is displayed through our Payments Ecosystem below.

Cardinal Consumer Authentication Flow

This approach, driven by years of experience and feedback from both merchants and financial institutions, enables our Customers to choose which transactions to authenticate based on a set of filters that control fraud and maximize sales.

CardinalCommerceThe CardinalCommerce Story



Internet Milestones



Cardinal is founded, April 1, 1999

First patents filed

Internet Milestones



Launch of eDiscreet, an alternative payment brand.

First patents granted.


Wikipedia launched.


Amazon.com posted first yearly profit.



US and international patents granted.

Launched 2IDentiFI, our authentication platform for Financial Institutions.


First tweet was sent out by Jack Dorsey, who founded Twitter -- "just setting up my twttr".

Apple iTunes

Apple surpassed one billion iTunes downloads.


Facebook over took MySpace to become the internet's largest social network.



Granted US patents and international patents.

Cardinal launched our rules-based Consumer Authentication solution.

Cardinal received an investment from Primus Capital Funds.

Awarded MRC METAward for Cardinal Consumer Authentication.

Cardinal joins EMVCo.

Auth Bridge launched; works hand in hand with CCA and helps PSPs navigate the complex authentication landscape.

Cardinal saw transaction volume increase by 40% for Black Friday sales.


LinkedIn reaches 100M users


US eCommerce and online retail holiday sales reached $33.8 billion, up 13 percent.


PayPal accepts POS readers at your store today.


MasterPass launches SelfiePay Biometrics pilot.



Cardinal wins first-of-its kind CNP Customer Choice Award for best Identity Verification and Authentication.

Visa announces plan to acquire CardinalCommerce.


Alice decision helps waive the tension with tech and fin-tech securing patents



Cardinal is officially a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa.

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Each partner provides unique service opportunities for our Customers so that they are able to choose which platform fits their needs the best

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Our Team

Cleveland attracts talented individuals, expanding corporations and international thought-leaders across a wide array of industries. Cleveland, Ohio is not a city of the past, but a growing metropolis of the future. We at CardinalCommerce enjoy being a part of that boom.


Cardinal's Early Contributors

Cardinal would like to recognize the employees who have been with us since the very early years, and have worked in many technology, product development and Customer-facing roles to make CardinalCommerce who we are today.

In the early days, each of these employees did a little of everything … and a lot of amazing and visionary work. They are still with us today, and their passion and experience, combined with the rest of the staff, keeps Cardinal innovating as a global leader.

We salute them!

List of Contributors
Jaime Howard Chris Baird Andrew Heiss Mary Ballard Matt
Renee Galinac Adam Ratica Phil Romano John Schick Maggie O'Neil Eric Goodman Ryan Hopkins