Enable tokenization to reduce PCI scope and protect your consumers’ most sensitive information.

With One Connection to Cardinal, merchants can use randomly generated tokens to protect consumers and reduce PCI scope.

Features & Benefits

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  • Reduces the scope of the merchant’s PCI compliance because the consumer’s credit card number is never stored in the merchant's system.
  • Creates a one-time-use token that randomly generates a 16-digit numerical token that represents the primary account number (PAN), which minimizes changes to a merchant's website and order management system.
  • Protects merchants from possible fraud because the token is meaningless outside of the transaction for which it was created, cannot be re-used by hackers, and the algorithm that creates the token is not predictable.
  • Works with most payment gateways and payment processors.
  • Manages all third-party payment processing platforms via a single connection.
  • Supports stand-alone processing of all major credit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).
  • Gives the merchant flexibility to accept alternative payment brands, and allows their consumers to use more payment options.

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