Mobile Banking

A customizable turnkey solution that leverages SMS messaging and one-time passwords for convenience and security.

Cardinal’s mobile banking solution allows banks to customize our turnkey platform for a seamless consumer experience.

Features & Benefits

Mobile Banking - CardinalCommerce

With Cardinal’s Mobile Banking Solution, financial institutions can keep fraud at bay and help their consumers and cardholders feel secure while banking online. Features include:

  • An SMS service that uses event-based messaging, delivering one-time-passwords to be used for Cardinal Consumer Authentication

  • An app that, independent of SMS, allows consumers/cardholders to quickly access one-time passwords to expedite the verification process

  • Includes a turnkey solution that can also be used for billing and collections, with a “reply to pay” function

  • Supports mobile banking with alerts, balance inquiries, mini-statements, store locators, bill payment and statement notification

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