Consumer Authentication for Merchants

Provides merchants with choice and control over their authentication strategy to keep fraud at bay.

Take control of your Consumer Authentication strategy without increasing friction at checkout.

Consumer Authentication for Online Merchants

Features & Benefits

  • Increased sales
    • Fewer checkout abandonments
    • Fewer false positives
  • Improved margins
    • Lower interchange rates
    • Liability shift on chargebacks
    • Less manual review
  • Enhanced consumer experience
    • Fewer false positives
    • Protected transaction flow without friction
    • Authentication embedded in checkout

Better than Traditional 3-D Secure

  • With traditional 3-D Secure, all transactions are challenged, every time. This results in consumer friction, especially with frequent buyers who order from you regularly.
  • With Cardinal, the merchant can control which transactions are authenticated via our rules engine. You can set up rules based on amount of transaction, SKUs, IP or device used, shipping address, and much more. 
  • With your One Connection to Cardinal, you’ll also have access to new developments in the payments ecosystem … we’ll FutureProofTM your business!

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With Cardinal Consumer Authentication, you can Increase sales, reduce chargebacks and optimize the consumer experience.