Consumer Authentication for Financial Institutions

Reduce friction, control fraud and enhance your consumers’ banking experience.

Authenticate consumers across a variety of Internet-facing services, like online banking, eCommerce and mCommerce. 

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Features & Benefits:

Cardinal Consumer Authentication for Financial Institutions uses an arsenal of tools that provides both silent and active authentication depending on rules you control, like the type and amount of each transaction, the device, the IP address, and more.

  • Manages the increased risk of online fraud as chip cards become the standard in a region.
  • The service is available directly to a Financial Institution, independent of the card management system supporting the card program(s).
  • Maintain a consumer-centric shopping experience. 
    • Managing consumer friction during checkout = increased sales!
  • Control which transactions are authenticated quietly in the background, or with consumer engagement, leveraging the power of Risk Response Authentication to balance risk with the consumer experience.
  • Consumer Authentication uses the consumer’s mobile phone for authentication and for consumer-care communications, enhancing the overall service and consumer experience.

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