Alternative Payments

Give your consumers more options to pay, shop and spend with your company.

With your One Connection to Cardinal, offer your consumers dozens of alternative payment options.

Alternative Payments - CardinalCommerce


With Cardinal, you can offer the most popular payment brands around the world, ensuring you never miss an online sale from your international consumers. 


For consumers who love to make purchases on their mobile devices, we partner with brands that specialize in making mobile commerce simple.

Cash or Currency 

Some consumers prefer to pay cash; with Cardinal, you can offer them pre-paid options, digital invoices, checks or stored value cards.

Younger Shoppers 

Even if you sell to the under-18 market, we have payment brands that can be used by children and teenagers.

More than 200 strategic partners leverage Cardinal Centinel, the Universal Merchant Platform, to support alternative payment initiatives as they come to market.

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Ready to offer your consumers their favorite alternative payment brands?