CardinalCommerce Platforms

Cardinal has developed platforms to allow customers to be flexible and to keep up with new technologies; with One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.



Cardinal Centinel

Cardinal Centinel is the Universal Merchant Platform for enabling authenticated payments, secure online transactions, and alternative payment brands. With Centinel, our customers increase sales and improve margins.


Cardinal MAX

Cardinal MAX, our secure, hosted mobile platform, makes mobile commerce fast, easy and simple. From mobile payments and marketing to mobile banking, Cardinal MAX is your go-to solution to connect with your customers using their favorite device.



2IDentiFI, Cardinal’s financial services platform, provides multiple solutions for banks and credit unions to improve the level of security and convenience available with online banking to their customers. 2ID’s product suite performs on any device, including mobile phones, and in multi-language and international environments.

C3nturion Platform


C3nturion™ is Cardinal’s Big Data management platform. It organizes, analyzes, and curates data from all our product end-points. Through predictive analytics and machine learning, we can measure performance and behavior of the entire authentication process and recommend actions.

C3nturion™ is able to provide Cardinal Consumer Authentication and our other products with the ability to:

  • Deliver the best possible authentication experience for each consumer, based on historical data
  • Benefit from custom analytics by building custom rules, designed for your business
  • Yield high conversion rates with little or no friction for good consumers