CardinalCommerce Significantly Expands Patent Portfolio, Continues to Drive Innovation in the eCommerce Payments Industry

Cleveland, Ohio – July 5, 2016 - CardinalCommerce today announced a significant expansion of its global patent portfolio, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership of the global eCommerce payments industry.

The company’s U.S. and international patent portfolio now totals 63 issued patents, with a dozen new patents recently granted from five countries. Cardinal’s patents include sophisticated technology, architecture, engineering and applied sciences to protect its business and provide a safe haven for its Customers and Partners. 

“From the beginning, we recognized the importance of developing and then protecting our technology,” said Mike Keresman, Cardinal’s Chief Executive Officer. “As a pioneer in online and digital commerce, we know via our priority dates that we were and are ahead of the payment ecosystem. To have our creativity recognized by patent offices around the globe (United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and others) is a source of pride for the entire Cardinal team and should be very comforting to our Customers, Partners and Investors.”

Cardinal leverages the 400 points of data recognized at each transaction to improve authorization rates and eliminate fraud. The Company continues to innovate to meet the challenges that merchants, banks, payment processors and payment brands find in navigating the complex and dynamic digital commerce ecosystem. With more than 100 patent applications, Cardinal’s SafeCloudTM platforms address the current marketplace requirements and FutureProof Customers’ ongoing payment needs.

“We monitor 750,000 Bank and Merchant Identification Numbers (BINs & MIDs), and have distinct insight, using this information to apply science and technology for inventions that make internet and mobile commerce safer, more secure and above all, consumer friendly,” stated Chandra Balasubramanian, Chief Technology Officer. “Cardinal is always looking forward to what is coming next, and is creating solutions for the challenges our Customers are facing today and likely will face in the future. Seeing patent authorities worldwide continue to point to Cardinal’s pioneering technology as unique and applicable innovations for payments is very rewarding.”

A list of Cardinal’s patents can be found at

About CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce is the pioneer and global leader in enabling authenticated payment transactions in the card-not-present payments industry, and the largest authentication network in the world. Through One Connection to the proprietary Cardinal SafeCloudTM, we enable friction-free, technology-neutral authentication and alternative payment services (including digital wallets and mobile commerce services). Cardinal services, partners with and complements most providers in the marketplace to deliver their One Connection solution to secure transactions. In accommodating this growing number of payment brands and methods, Cardinal's platforms serve as universal switches, supporting virtually all merchant platforms, wallets, legacy processing systems and authentication methodologies.

CardinalCommerce is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and services a worldwide Customer base from facilities in the United States, Europe and Africa. For more information, visit


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