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Online content marketing concept_CardinalCommerceLearning how to generate leads online for your eCommerce business can mean the difference between hitting a successful stride and going back to the drawing board. It isn’t hard to find advice on how to generate these leads; a Google search for tips brings up countless articles with dozens of ideas for creating online lead pipelines that will bring potential buyers to your doorstep. This article explains how you can use multiple marketing channels to bring clients to you and help you maintain a strong cash flow that will help you grow your eCommerce business.

Getting Started

If generating online leads were that easy, everyone would be doing the same thing (the thing that works) and no one would need to read dozens of articles to find the tactics that will make leads appear with minimal effort on your part. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are processes that work to grow your leads over time, and these processes require effort. So, are you ready to learn how to generate leads online? Let’s get started.

What Options Exist?

There are countless ways to generate leads online — so many that likely are hiding in plain sight and overwhelming business owners who are fired up to get their lead pipelines running, but simply don’t know where to begin. Below are a few tried and true methods that other business owners have found successful.

  1. Advertising. If you have a little money to spend, you can earn some specific benefits by sticking to this marketing practice that started in print and has migrated to other channels, including online. Advertising allows you to place your pitch in front of a targeted audience of readers likely to want your product or service. Analytics allow you to monitor the reach and success of your advertising campaign. Paid search and banner ads are the most common advertising choices.
  2. Commenting on Blogs and Forums. It most often costs nothing to leave your opinion on someone else’s blog or forum, and if you can do this without coming off as spam, you can establish a relationship with potential buyers of your products. Figure out the places your customers would go and the conversations they would be having. Then go to those places and become a part of those conversations.
  3. Guest Blogging. Once you’ve established a reputation for yourself (hopefully a good one) in the blogs and forums in your industry, you can be a subject matter expert and thought leader in your industry by producing quality content for the sites that your customers might follow. Remember that guest blogs are not opportunities to make straight sales pitches as much as they are opportunities to offer relevant educational information to your target audience.


Staying Consistent

Truly understanding how to generate leads online is not enough to generate the leads that are going to produce the cash flow you desire. You must keep pushing consistently to create the best online lead pipelines. Once you have built a reputation for yourself as an expert in your area, you must follow up those forum comments and guest blogging opportunities with social media engagement, YouTube and Podcast interviews, and setting up the calls that will help you close the deal. 

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