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Thousands of merchants and issuers, authenticating billions of transactions a year, choose Cardinal. Why? Because we're taking on fraud and false declines.

Now, about those mandates.

From local regulations, to network mandates, to EMV® 3DS updates - navigating the everchanging payments landscape can be complex. Let us show you how Cardinal's success teams work closely with you to make the process as frictionless as possible for both you and your customers.

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Thinking about EMV® 3DS? Here's the way to launch an authentication strategy without jeopardizing your customers' experience.

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Let's talk numbers.

You like your privacy and we protect our clients privacy as well. But, here's what we can tell you…

Network web

~900M authenticated transactions representing $225B of purchase volume

2.5 billion

transactions for $275B purchase volume

Shopping cart

BINs issued from 263 countries and acquired in 85 countries with 35K merchants.


unique PANs authenticated across our network


unique Merchant ID/ Acquirer ID combinations

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  • industry news

    The future is FIDO – Taking authentication to the next level

    CardinalCommerce is currently developing a Fast Identity Online (FIDO) authentication solution for both browser-based web applications and native mobile applications.

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    A year like no other. And what’s to come.

    From a pandemic to civil unrest - to a presidential election wrapping up in December - this was one doozy of a year, full of more twists and turns than we knew what to do with. But we made it.

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  • case study

    Clothing and Footwear Benchmark

    Learn how authentication affects Card-not-Present authorization rates and key statistics on fraud in the clothing and footwear industry.

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  • mandates

    PSD2 SCA Dates and Solutions

    Find out why now’s the time to tackle PSD2 SCA head on to meet the upcoming 12.31.20 deadline - and how we can help.

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  • events

    What's on the Horizon? The Sunset of 1.0 & What You Need to Know to Get Started

    We are back! Register now to join us Wednesday, May 12, at 11AM EDT, for the second episode of our new feature, Conversations with Cardinal - What's on the Horizon? The Sunset of 1.0 & What You Need to Know to Get Started!

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