3-D Secure 2.0

Learn how 3DS 2.0 can help your online store authorize more orders and eliminate fraud.

Paying with credit card on mobile phone3-D Secure 2.0 is an updated set of protocols designed to authenticate Card-Not-Present transactions to eliminate fraud and false positives with a friction-free checkout experience for consumers.

3DS 2.0 enables merchants and card issuers to use what each knows about their mutual consumer to make better risk decisions. 3DS 2.0 uses hundreds of data points from the issuer and from the merchant to authenticate 95%+ transactions behind the scenes, with no checkout friction for the consumer, from any device. The result is more authorized orders and more happy buyers!

To improve your secure checkout experience with 3DS 2.0, call Cardinal at 877.352.8444 or contact us directly for more information. 


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