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With Cardinal’s rules-based payment authentication technology, businesses can reduce fraud, prevent chargebacks, increase conversions and offer dozens of leading alternative payment brands to their consumers.


“Cardinal’s Consumer Authentication service is so much more than an MPI. As a large enterprise merchant, we have seen how complex the payments ecosystem can be and how problems can arise if you aren’t an industry expert. Cardinal has done an excellent job solving our problems and helping us manage our updated Consumer Authentication program.”


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From how to choose the best online marketplace and selling strategies for your products, to mobile technology and safe payment setups—we’ve got the ideas you need to succeed in digital commerce.  

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It’s all about safe transactions. What do you know about handling chargebacks? EMV security? Or card-not-present purchases? Start here for more info on how to protect your business from online fraud.

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Entrepreneurial education starts here—with expert advice for the online newcomer. Study up on common startup pitfalls, social marketing, blogging, websites, growth, shipping and more.   

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Video Game Fraud Resource

High Score! Set a Revenue High Score by Defeating Video Game Fraud

Learn how fraud affects video games, popular fraud techniques used in video games, and steps you can take to protect your customers and your game.

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Payments 101 Guide

Payments 101

Find out more about the payments space! Learn all the players that are part of the payments eco-system.

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Payment Week Published The Consumer Authentication Survey Results

The results are in from the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results. Payment Week has all the latest. Learn More 

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The Paypers are Interested in the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results

Find out the latest in eCommerce, and digital payments. The Paypers shared the results of the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results. Read More 

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Merchant Spotlight Series: Acclaim Sound & Lighting

Whether its classical, jazz, hip-hop or rock-and-roll, everyone has different musical preferences. To appease their loyal fans, any great musical group or musical venue, needs the best possible equipment. Since 1989, Acclaim Sound & Lighting has been a leading provider of musical instruments and musical, lighting and recording equipment. They were one of the first merchants in Canada to establish an online presence, as they launched their online store in 1992. Back then, they only offered their customers a limited number of products. Since then, Acclaim Sound & Lighting has expanded and today, they offer their customers all major products related to their industry. If you’re looking for a guitar, a keyboard, a speaker or even DJ equipment, you can find it on their online store. Over time, Acclaim Sound & Lighting has become an expert in this industry, and has developed and retained a loyal group of customers. They have also maintained an excellent reputation with their customer service. If you want to purchase any musical instruments, or equipment, or learn more about Acclaim Sound & Lighting, you can visit their online site here.

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Merchant Spotlight Series: Vat19

It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for a family member or a friend. Vat19, however, can make this process easier for all the gift-givers who spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the ideal gift. Vat19 offers their customers an assortment of unique gifts, toys and other products that are appealing to both kids and adults. For kids, you can find giant gummy bears or crazy putty and for adults, scented candles and coffee mugs. Initially, they were a video production company, serving other companies but ten years ago, Vat19 launched their online store and broke into the online gift industry. The transition wasn’t seamless, as Vat19 had to completely alter their business model, but since then, they’ve carved out a niche within their industry, and have developed a loyal customer base. Over the years, their customer base has grown because of their commitment to treating their customers with respect, and to offering them products that are high-quality, entertaining and fun. If you want to purchase any of these unique gifts, or learn more about Vat19, you can visit their online site here.

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